April 1, 2009

Timpanist Chip Ross Switches to Piccolo

As of April 1, RPO Principal Timpanist Charles “Chip” Ross will be joining the flute section on piccolo. When asked why he was making this change, he said, “I always wanted to play an instrument that involved less cartage.” He also mentioned that his mother would be glad to hear of this, after years of helping him cart around his timpani, percussion instruments, and cello.

Happy April Fool’s Day!

Congratulations to Ellen Wayne for her musician suggestion. Read below for all of the submitted entries.

Rebecca Gilbert with a kazoo
– Bruce

I would pair the bassist Eric Polenik with percussion, especially the cymbals!
– Ida T. Miller

The drums are great – they pound out the notes for Charles Ross but give him the tuba and just watch him pray.
– Marlene Markham

I would choose Julianna Athayde to play the Bassoon and her fiancé Erik Behr to play the French Horn!
– Linda Mulcahy

I would like to see Jeff Tyzik paired with the Bassoon.
– Cheryll Wickard

The RPO musician I’d pick to play a different instrument is Kenneth Grant, and the instrument I’d pick is percussion. A few years ago my children and I really enjoyed his antics at an orKIDStra concert where he dressed up like someone from outer space and played a green clarinet. I think it would be so much fun to see what he can do with a cowbell, sticks, timpani, etc.
– Mary Ziarniak

I would give Charles Ross the piccolo. Watching him manage the timpani with such gusto is amazing. It would be interesting to see him redirect that energy to one of the smallest instruments in the orchestra. He can work those timpani sticks like nobody’s business, but can he manage the small delicate keys of the piccolo.
– Ellen Wayne

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