April 29, 2009

Michael Cavanaugh = the next Billy Joel???

After attending the Friday evening Michael Cavanaugh concert with my parents, I felt like I had just walked out of an actual Billy Joel and Elton John concert! After being the Marketing Intern for the RPO for the spring semester, I was thrilled to actually be able to find the time outside of school commitments to attend a concert. I picked this concert because I love Billy Joel and grew up listening to both him and Elton John. My dad would blast both of these legends’ hits while cleaning on Sundays (yes I’ll admit it, at first I was the typical teenager and pretended to hate the “lame music my dad listened to”). But, eventually I found myself singing the good ol’ classics from the two - Rocket Man and Uptown Girl. I saw Elton John in concert with my parents in Syracuse a few years back, but seeing Jeff Tyzik and Michael Cavanaugh blend rock and roll classics with the orchestra was a memory I will never forget.

Yes, I knew going in it would be a good concert and I had obviously heard how talented Michael Cavanaugh was. Well, my expectations were exceeded. Michael was fantastic. The on-stage chemistry between Jeff and Michael was apparent to every single person in the audience. The concert was full of energy, rock and roll, fun and much laughter. Michael talked about how he had a chance at a casino to play piano right next to Billy Joel and how he couldn’t believe a dream like that would come true, as it is a breathtaking experience for anyone to perform with their idol. Michael also changed up the lyrics to Piano Man, adding “And everyone’s here to see Jeff Tyzik” in place of the regular lyrics! The crowd burst out in laughter.

After the concert, I had a newfound respect for the RPO musicians, conductors, staff, and vocalists. I think Michael Cavanaugh, his band, Jeff, and the RPO connected with the audience and really told a story through the music. Honestly, what was brought to the audience was a surreal experience and one I will never forget. In my mom’s words, “This was the best evening I have had in years!”

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BSO Press said...

Just a note that if you liked Michael cavanaugh, he'll be performing with the Boston Pops at Symphony Hall on Friday May 8, 2009