April 28, 2009

Lights... Camera.... Photos...... by Walter Colley!

A few weeks ago, we received some exciting news from the RPO's new Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Nancy Goldsmith Zawacki. In the next few weeks/months, the orchestra will have the opportunity to be photgraphed by award-winning photographer Walter Colley. For those of you that don't know Walter, he is a terrific photographer, artist, and an all around good guy. :) He does all kinds of photography - commercial, portraits, portraits, still life, and even great PET portraits! He is not only well known in the Rochester community, but has award winning images featured in publications such as: Archive, Communication Arts, Graphis, Art Direction Magazine, Print Annual, and Sports Illustrated. (You can find out more details about Walter and see some of his work at: http://www.waltercolleyimages.com/ )

We had an unusal "dress" rehearsal a few weeks ago
(we ACTUALLY got dressed in our formal concert attire) and Walter was able to take some shots of the orchestra and Christopher Seaman in action. It was a strange feeling to be all dressed up for a morning rehearsal. I'm not sure how my colleagues felt, but for me, it felt almost like a performance despite it being the first rehearsal for that program....must be the power of the clothes or something. A few days later, we also had an informal photo shoot outside of Java's, and some time in the near future everybody will be able to enjoy updated formal photos of all the RPO musicians on the RPO website! This is a project that has been postponed for quite some time due to a lack of funding. BUT thanks to the hard work of Nancy Zawacki and Walter Colley's extremely generous donation of his time and expertise, it's going to happen!!! On behalf of my colleagues THANK YOU, THANK YOU to you both!
(Walter Colley and Nancy Goldsmith Zawacki)

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