September 25, 2008

RPO Bassist Really Delivers!

RPO bassist Gaelen McCormick shared with us the story of her summer break:

"I spent the better part of the summer preparing for the birth of my first child, Clara Elizabeth Hanlon, who was due August 3rd. I also supervised the demolition and remodel of my kitchen, but had to sit on the sidelines rather than swinging the sledgehammer (my favorite part!). And I prepared the nursery, did the usual baby registry fun, and had the pleasure of going to two baby showers – in my hometown and here in Rochester.

"Baby Clara came a week late on August 9th, and was born quickly at Highland Hospital – we were only there for about 3 hours! I had stopped playing bass by mid-June because of the size of my tummy, and it was a great feeling to pick up the instrument again once my daughter was about 5 days old. She seems to enjoy just hanging out next to me while I practice and regain my strength and coordination, gearing up my hands for the RPO season."

… Which begins next week with the first orKIDStra family concert, and then Opening Weekend with pianist AndrĂ© Watts on October 10 & 11. Click here to view the full concert calendar.

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Mike said...

You and the father must be very proud. She's adorable.