September 26, 2008

new season

Hi Everyone!!! Next week brings the RPO musician family back together after a two month lay off. We are all anxious to get back to work for a variety of reasons! Lots has happened while we have been offline -- Births and family deaths, weddings and funerals,engagements, chamber music concerts, recitals, as well as gardening, house repair, sending children off to college for some families and off to kindergarten for others -all all grades in between!! Some of us got away on much needed vacations, and others enjoyed staying home for a change. After such a busy winter and summer season, it is good for us to take a break for some time to re-energize, get some new experiences that we can't take during the year and reconnect with family and friends. A musicians schedule is not always socially friendly!!
We are excited about the " new Eastman Theater" process and celebrate this year with great music to send off the old Theater. As a graduate of the Eastman School and as a member of a family of Eastman graduates(my mom and sister) I have spent many. many hours in the Theater - as a performer and listener. I appreciate its assets and celebrate the opportunity to improve the problems.
Our first week back has us doing concerts in the community - a mission we feel is a crucial part of any arts organization today -- taking art to the people. The concerts are filled with wonderfull music and we hope to see alot of you there -- til the next time -- kmk

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Brenda Tremblay said...

Hi, there! On Monday afternoon, I’ll have the privilege of interviewing RPO Music Director Christopher Seaman about the orchestra's upcoming season.

I’ll be chatting with him about Shostakovich, Beethoven, the New World Symphony, Brahms, Mozart, Sibelius, Tippet, Lizst, and Bartok’s Concerto for Orchestra.

Anything you’d like me to ask? Thousands of public radio listeners will be tuned in!