May 8, 2015

Meet the (cover) artist: Shana Sundstrom

Our April/May Bravo cover was designed by Shana Sundstrom, art teacher and co-owner of Hidden Talent Art Studio in San Jose, California!
Shana Sundstrom

Sundstrom is a winner of the RPO Bravo Award, granted to eight artists whose work was displayed at the Rochester Contemporary Art Center 6X6X2014 Exhibition. The 2014-15 Bravo program covers were selected anonymously by RPO staff from RoCo's display of almost 7,000 small artworks. Congratulations to Shana, and come check out her artwork on the Bravo program covers through May 23!

Personal: Shana Sundstrom, 43, of San Jose, Calif.
Occupation: Art teacher and Co-Owner of Hidden Talent Art Studio in San Jose

As an artist, what are your favorite things to create?
I love painting cityscapes and I also enjoy creating mixed-media collages. I started creating small works a few years ago because I wanted to create a sense of intimacy with the viewer and invite them to step closer. The 6x6 show has been a perfect venue for the size of my work!

How did you hear about the RoCo 6X6 exhibit? 
A good friend of mine, Diane Irwin, who lives in the Rochester, N.Y. area, told me about the show roughly 5-6 years ago. She often participates and I’ve participated every year since.
Shana Sundstrom's art on our April/May cover

How did you develop the concept for your art?
I found an older painting of birdhouses and the concept came out of that. I added collage materials to the painting to create an image about “freedom”. Honestly, the piece took about an hour to complete and it just “came out” of me. Sometimes magical things happen when you don’t think too hard about a piece.

What medium did you use in your artwork?
I used collage materials, starting with the painting I had done on Masonite board, acrylic paint, tissue paper with the bird scene, ink and musical note stamp. I used these media because of their symbolic references, and because I love the idea of re-purposing and recycling materials. I save everything (from tissue paper, little toys, keys, buttons, old tags, books, etc.), because I “might” be able to use it in a painting someday. I’m a collage hoarder.

What inspires your creativity?
So many things! Music, visiting galleries and talking with fellow artists about ideas, books, pictures from my travels, fashion magazines, nature, walks around large cities, and TV shows such as Project Runway and HGTV design shows.

What theme(s) are you trying to convey through your 6X6 piece?
I started with the idea of “Freedom” and then other themes transpired as I worked. For me, birds represent ultimate freedom. The musical notes represent his happiness of being free by singing. The overall image reminded me of spring, thus the title. It’s the time of year when everything comes to life again and there’s a feeling of joy and lightness in the air after a long, gloomy winter.

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