September 4, 2013

Michael Butterman on Musical Connections

This season, the RPO launches the new Musical Connections series at Hochstein, which will explore the fusion of music and other art forms. Michael Butterman, RPO Conductor for Education and Outreach (The Louise and Henry Epstein Family Chair), tells us what audiences can expect to hear at these concerts:

“As a musician, I find it fascinating to explore how artists in other fields express themselves. One can read a poem about the sea, look at a seascape painting, and then listen to something like Debussy's La Mer, and find illuminating points of similarity, while also marveling at the different effect that each medium has on the observer. Our Musical Connections concerts will begin to examine the ways in which music and areas like painting, dance, and poetry interact, overlap, and inform one another. And we'll do it with some humor and plenty of ‘visual aids.’

“We start off looking at how music and art overlap (color-tone color, subject/background-melody/accompaniment, etc.), what music inspired by art sounds like and what art inspired by music *looks* like (Music and Art, Oct. 6). Then, dancers from Rochester City Ballet will help us celebrate the union of movement and music (Music and Dance, March 2). And finally, we'll hear music inspired by words, words inspired by music, and hear some new songs set to the poetry of the marvelous Maya Angelou (Music and Literature, May 25). We'll also stick with the no-intermission format and continue Christopher's tradition of taking audience questions afterwards.”

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