August 30, 2016

Volunteer Spotlight: K.C. Fahy-Harvick

Running an orchestra is far from easy work. Thankfully, the RPO has no shortage of tireless volunteers to help ease some of the workload. While every RPO volunteer is worthy of recognition for their undeniable efforts, K.C. Fahy-Harvick has truly gone above and beyond since joining the RPO in 2012.

Fahy-Harvick holds numerous responsibilities at the RPO. She is a Box Seat Concierge in Kodak Hall, offering enhanced services and care for patrons in box seats. She also trains new volunteers for that position, helps decorate the Eastman Theatre for holiday performances, and works at numerous special events. While she devotes a considerable amount of time to the RPO now as a volunteer, Fahy-Harvick has been attending RPO concerts for years.

“I had been a widow for about 15 years and was tired of going to concerts by myself because when my husband died, my love of music and the RPO did not,” said Fahy-Harvick. “A friend of mine told me about the RPO’s volunteer usher program, so I signed up and became a Box Seat Concierge.”

Quickly becoming passionate about her new position, Fahy-Harvick expressed a desire to keep the same box seat assignment so that she could get to know the patrons in those seats. This commendable attention to community and hospitality is part of what makes Fahy-Harvick such an outstanding RPO volunteer.

“K.C. is conscientious about her role as a Box Seat Concierge, and is dedicated to supporting and promoting the RPO,” said Kathy Miller, administrative and volunteer coordinator at the RPO.

Outside of the RPO, Fahy-Harvick has a litany of other interests. She is a freelance writer for Life in the Finger Lakes Magazine and last spring, had the opportunity to write an article about the RPO.

“I got to interview [RPO conductors] Ward Stare, Jeff Tyzik, and Michael Butterman,” said Fahy-Harvick. “They are like rock stars to me!”

Fahy-Harvick runs her own gardening business, Gardening Matters, through which she designs, installs, and maintains gardens. She also runs the website and Facebook page for her business. Prior to Gardening Matters, Fahy-Harvick and her late husband owned and operated a plant nursery called Hawk’s Nest Nursery. While running a business and taking time to volunteer may seem like a large undertaking to most, to Fahy-Harvick, it barely feels like work.

“I enjoy people, love the historical venue of the Eastman Theatre, and am a huge fan of the RPO,” said Fahy-Harvick. “I’ve been coming to the Eastman since I was five years old. I am completely thrilled every night I get to volunteer!”

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Read K.C.'s story about the RPO for Life in the Finger Lakes Magazine

Written by Alexander Jones, a recent graduate of RIT's journalism program and current marketing and communications intern at the RPO.

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