March 20, 2015

Meet the (cover) artist: Jane Notides-Benzing

"Fields" by Jane Notides-Benzing graces
the March/April Bravo
Our March/April Bravo cover was designed by Jane Notides-Benzing, a retired technical writer from Rochester. Notides-Benzing is a winner of the RPO Bravo Award, granted to eight artists whose work was displayed at the Rochester Contemporary Art Center 6X6X2014 Exhibition. The 2014-15 Bravo program covers were selected anonymously by RPO staff from RoCo's display of almost 7,000 small artworks. Congratulations to Jane, and come check out her artwork on the Bravo program covers through April 18!

Personal: Jane Notides-Benzing of Rochester

Retired, previously worked for Xerox and Kodak.

Do you have other experience as an artist? I have given private art lectures about contemporary art and written art reviews. Currently, I pursue my own art.

How did you develop the concept for your art? After many years of painting on large canvases I began to prefer actual rather than illusion space in my art. I am intrigued by the 3D aspects of painted, incised, and folded papers. Whether presented single sculptural objects, such as my winning Bravo art, or several combined forms within a clear acrylic case, my art has become more materially present, more complex, and richer in colors and rhythms.

Jane Notides-Benzing

What medium did you use in "Fields?"
I used a mixed media: watercolor and ink on various types of archival paper. These components allow me to spread the optical sensations of paint through intermingling planes of paper.   

What inspires your creativity? 
I am often inspired by observations of nature including land masses and atmospheric elements.

What theme(s) are you trying to convey?
I hope to convey the aesthetic qualities of light, color, and form in a surreal composition.

What are your favorite styles of music? 
I enjoy classical, jazz, and contemporary music. I need a little of each in my life. 

Favorite composers?
My favorite composers are Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, Brahms, John Adams, John Luther Adams, Phillip Glass, Duke Ellington, and Jerry Neiwood.

My favorite things to do in my hometown are: Listening to live music by the RPO and Eastman School students/faculty, attending the International Jazz Festival and GEVA plays, borrowing books from the MAG and Rundel Libraries, viewing art at RoCo and MAG, ballroom dancing, walking in Highland Park and living in the downtown area where I can walk to many events. 

RocCo is currently accepting submissions for 6X6X2015; submissions must be postmarked by April 18, 2015.

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