November 24, 2014

Meet the (cover) artist: Denise Fabrizio

Denise Fabrizio's winning art, "Ribbons"
Welcome to the second installment of "Meet the (cover) artist," a series of monthly blog posts that highlight the artist and artwork featured on the RPO’s program books, known as Bravo. These eight works of art were chosen anonymously from a collection of almost 7,000 at the Rochester Contemporary Art Center’s (RoCo) annual 6X6 exhibition, which invites anyone to create a piece of art on a six-by-six inch square space, using whatever medium they prefer. Last month, we introduced you to Denise Hocking, a professor and scientist at the University of Rochester, whose acrylic painting of birch trees in the fall graced our Oct./Nov. issue.

For the holiday season, the RPO selected a colorful watercolor painting of ribbons, reminiscent of the ribbons that dancers use to tie on their pointe shoes, in honor of the annual performances of  The Nutcracker, onstage this weekend at Kodak Hall at Eastman Theatre. For 16 years, Rochester City Ballet and the RPO have teamed up to present the city’s only full-length, live music performance of Tchaikovsky's classic holiday ballet. Fabrizio's "Ribbons" honors the Orchestra's relationship with the Rochester City Ballet and symbolizes holidays at the RPO!

Stay tuned next month for more behind-the-scenes on the Bravo program art!

Denise Fabrizio of Rochester, N.Y.

Occupation: Retired teacher, artist

How did you hear about the RoCo 6X6 exhibit? I have been a member of RoCo for years and have previously entered the 6X6 exhibit.

How did you develop the concept for your art? I was doing watercolor still life and added a few ribbons to the composition. That evolved into all ribbons with maybe one object.

What inspires your creativity? Color, light, and shadow.

What theme(s) are you trying to convey through your 6X6 piece? As in all the ribbon pieces, I am trying to use an everyday object in a way that creates an almost abstract composition.

What is your favorite style(s) of music?
Eclectic musical tastes- rock, reggae, Latin, some hip hop.
Denise Fabrizio of Rochester, N.Y.

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