July 11, 2014

RPO chooses 8 winners for Bravo Book Award

They came, they created, and now eight have conquered.

The RPO is pleased to announce the winners of the 6X6X2014 Bravo Award, in collaboration with the Rochester Contemporary Art Center (RoCo). The 6X6X2014 Bravo Award recognizes exceptional artwork from RoCo’s annual 6X6 exhibit, which invites anyone and everyone to create and submit a piece of artwork on a 6x6 square inch space. The eight winners, chosen anonymously from a collection of over 6,700 pieces, will see their original artwork on the cover of a RPO Bravo book, the official program magazine of the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, in the 2014-2015 orchestra season.

This is the third consecutive season that the RPO has showcased work from RoCo’s highly successful show and major fundraiser that began in 2008, officially called the International Small Art Exhibition. All 6x6 artworks are offered anonymously for sale to the public at $20 each. Once bought, the artist is revealed to the seller. Many local celebrities contributed works to the event, which also includes pieces from all over the US and more than 60 countries. Past contributors include nationally renowned Rochester-based sculptor and artist, Albert Paley, and Congresswoman Louise M. Slaughter, as well as media personalities and community leaders. The 6X6X2014 exhibit runs through July 13.

Throughout the year, we plan to feature the artists behind these chosen works on our blog. For now, here are the winners. Congratulations!

Artwork and Artist's Names (in order of appearance)
1. Birch Grove 1 by Denise Hocking of Rochester (acrylics)
2. Ribbons by Denise Fabrizio of Rochester (watercolor)
3. White Woods by Alice M. Styles of Rochester (watercolor)
4. Untitled by Megan Taylor of Anchorage, AK (mixed media, acrylic paint)
5. Field by Jane Notides-Benzing of Rochester (watercolor on paper)
6. Wishes by Emily Newell of Lancaster, PA (acrylic)
7. Spring by Shana Sundstrom of San Jose, CA (mixed media collage)
8. Move to the Rhythm by Joya Gilchrist of Marletta, NC (acrylic paint and Sharpie)

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