June 2, 2010

Celebrity Chef Carol Tabone Prepares Summer Meal for Chef's Night

This year’s Showhouse experience includes several special events, including Chefs’ Demonstrations. We caught up with Carol Tabone, former director of The Cooking School at Jungle Jim’s International market in Cincinnati, to discuss her planned menu for the evening of Sunday, June 6 at 6:00 pm.

Tabone may have just finished up 21 years as director of The Cooking School, but she has not slowed down. She continues to keep up a fairly full teaching schedule, while allowing more time for family, friends, and travel. Tabone has partnered with a friend who owns a travel agency to offer gourmet/travel experiences to a group of foodies with wanderlust. “We have ridden camels in the Middle East, picked grapes in Italy, sunbathed in the south of France, and held cooking classes on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean.” Tabone recalls. “My love for travel continues so I am hoping to continue these annual getaways.”

Travel played a role in Tabone’s early career path, too. When Tabone moved to England, she encountered many new English friends who were excellent cooks and created elegant dinner parties with an elevated concept for entertaining and cuisine. “I learned to cook more elaborately,” she states. “A few friends suggested we take a Cordon Bleu class and the seed was planted!”

Tabone is not new to the Showhouse experience, having participated several years ago at the urging of a local friend who supported the RPO and shared their common love of music. “I enjoyed the experience and the evening seemed to be well received,” Tabone says. “I am happy to have the opportunity to support the RPO again this year.”

The menu Tabone has chosen for the evening is perfect for entertaining in the summer months because everything can be served “alfresco” at room temperature and prepared ahead. “The host and hostess are able to enjoy their own party and no one is stuck in a hot kitchen,” she exclaims. “This is stress-free entertaining!”

What is Tabone’s favorite ingredient? “SALT, it enhances everything else,” she says. Tabone is of Italian descent and her mother was a wonderful traditional Italian cook, so you can guess her favorite dish quickly. “Pasta—it is versatile and adaptable.” Tabone says. “We ate pasta twice a week but my grandfather had pasta every day of his life.”

Click here to see Tabone’s full menu and other details about this RPO Symphony Showhouse Special Event.

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