May 12, 2010

Debussy Inspires French-Themed Room at Symphony Showhouse

Susanna Kopp of Design Details is another veteran of RPO Symphony Showhouse, having also participated in the 2006 Green Lantern Inn and 2008 Ellwanger Estate events.

With a love for things of the past, Kopp started out earning a degree in Archaeology with an emphasis on Ancient Architecture. From there she found her way to Architecture/Design and actually re-designs vintage furniture with her Maison Fleur de Lis Vintage Furniture line.

“With this design philosophy and process in mind, I’ve launched my vintage furniture line, re-creating unloved pieces into unique treasures. To me it's a full circle; I am again bringing the past to the present.” noted Kopp.

Kopp will be recreating the mechanical room in the basement of the Philharmonics House. The room is a raw space with exposed ceiling rafters, bare stud, and cinderblock walls, with a concrete floor and an electrical panel box. It will be transformed for Showhouse using vintage accessories, architectural salvage, and a little magic.

The theme will be a vintage French art studio in Provence, featuring items from her hand-painted Vintage Furniture collection.

“The musical inspiration is ‘Les Fetes’ from Nocturnes by Claude Debussy. It is a lively and lyrical piece which mimics the scrolls, vines, and embellishments that I paint on my furniture. I was enticed to return to push myself as a designer by taking the space that no one else wanted ... to create something from nothing.”

Kopp works mostly with timeless neutrals of crème and matte black. “Occasionally I go on the wild side and use a ‘new neutral’ as in the 2010 Showhouse, such as French Blue, Sage, or Beige. I prefer my pieces to be classic and elegant, that way then can be enjoyed in any home for decades to come.”

Symphony Showhouse 2010 opens on May 22 and runs through June 13. This "duet of cottages" features two newly constructed homes at Thornell Road and Route 64 in Pittsford and built by Ketmar Development. More than 50 spaces will showcase the work of 40 area designers. There are public tours, as well as numerous special events. Use this link for more information.

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