March 11, 2010

Photos from Shawn Concerto Rehearsal

Here are a few photos from this morning's rehearsal, as Christopher Seaman led the RPO in Allen Shawn's new Violin Concerto, with Concertmaster Juliana Athayde as soloist.

The composer himself was in the theatre (blue shirt in photos below), listening intently with the score in his lap. During the breaks between movements, he would come down to the stage with suggestions for fine tuning. Since this work is a world premiere, this week's rehearsals were the first time he's heard the full work performed live. And what a rare thing for Christopher and the orchestra - to be able to ask the composer questions directly on interpretation. (Imagine what it would be like if you could ask Beethoven or Mozart how they wanted a certain phrase played.) Allen Shawn's brother, writer and actor Wallace Shawn, also attended the rehearsal; as well as violinist Bill Preucil - concertmaster of the Cleveland Orchestra, and Juliana's mentor.

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