January 6, 2010

Who is that man in the powdered wig?

I have heard from a reliable source that we will have a special guest at this weekend’s Pops concerts, which feature the amazing musicians of the RPO in a variety of solo, ensemble, and sectional pieces.

You’ll get to see first-hand how versatile the musicians are, with a ragtime tribute to Jelly Roll Morton, Piazzolla tangos, the classic Autumn Leaves, a brass spectacular, Jeff Tyzik’s Woodwind Whirlwind, and classical showpieces by the Russian masters.

There will also be solos by musicians who aren’t typically in the spotlight—including double bass, tuba, and percussion.

Oh, and back to that special guest—Mozart himself will join us with his less-than-elegant but authentic comments during his horn concerto! Click here for more information about the concert.

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