October 14, 2009

Rochester City Ballet Dancers Featured in Glamour Magazine

Former Rochester City Ballet members Luis Ribagorda and Sarah Lane – both now with American Ballet Theatre – were recently featured in Glamour Magazine in an article on the secrets of happy couples. Read on for their interview.

Luis and Sarah will be returning to Rochester next month for the annual Nutcracker, as Cavalier and Sugar Plum Fairy, respectively.

And—NEW this year!—Nutcracker children’s tickets … starting at $10!
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It's faith!
Luis Ribagorda, 25, corps de ballet, American Ballet Theatre, and Sarah Lane, 25, soloist, American Ballet Theatre; married two years

SL: I broke up with him about 5 million times. I grew up in a very Christian, controlled family. He's a laid-back Catholic. I wasn't sure it could work. Finally I realized I was happier, more myself, when I was with him. So we got married. It's not that common for two dancers.

LR: We are together most of the hours of the day, and the ballet world is very intense. We fight a lot.

SL: But not about big things anymore!

LR: And when we get to dance together, the intensity becomes absolutely amazing.

(Glamour Magazine, August 5, 2009)

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