September 17, 2009

New Arrival at the RPO

They arrived at 1:40 pm on Wednesday, September 16, weighing in at 150 lbs. each.

The latest addition to the RPO family of instruments is a new set of timpani, made possible by a generous contribution from Patrick and Barbara Fulford. Patrick is on the RPO board and a percussion enthusiast.

Chris Dolson, the representative from Yamaha, flew in for the delivery and has been working with RPO Principal Timpanist Chip Ross to adjust the drums for their new home, since they had traveled many time zones to get here.

Former RPO Principal Timpanist John Beck also stopped by to check on the new arrivals (pictured here with Chris and Chip).

The new instruments will be a great addition, since not only are they beautiful instruments, but as Chip said, “the sound of a high quality timpani drum can truly enhance the color of an orchestra by leaps and bounds.”

And in other news, earlier this week another shipment of chairs arrived at the Eastman Theatre. These are the restored chairs for the Mezzanine.

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