December 16, 2008


A few weeks ago, I got a sneak peek of our most upcoming blockbuster concert. We’re prolonging New Year’s in Rochester with “Cirque!” - an orchestral adaptation of Cirque du Soleil with former company acrobats.

In addition to performing with the RPO, I am frequently called to play with the Buffalo Philharmonic, and it is always a pleasure to perform new repertoire with a different orchestra. Much to my delight, they also brought in “Cirque!” this season.

Largely, our "Cirque!" performance will be the same, with a few extra pieces that weren’t played in Buffalo. Yes, the musicians should hold on to their instruments at all times… and should be aware of who’s flying above them. Yes, I have the utmost trust in the capabilities of our stagehands who keep the acrobats airborne. Yes, if I were to try and contort in some of those directions, I’d be in intensive care. Yes, the music is very cool. And yes, you should get your tickets now before we sell out!

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